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MES Central School Tanur is a co educational institute which has established by The Muslim Educational Society (MES) Calicut, Tanur Unit in 1992. The ultimate aim of the establishment was the upliftment of the community from the backwardness of education and to bring the future generation to the equal level of others in the Nation. MES realized the fact that by establishing good basic schools in villages, the socio, economic, and cultural standards of the society can be improved. Thus the school started to function in June 1992 with 48 students in LKG. In 2002 the school got affiliation of CBSE and became a secondary school. In 2004 March First batch of students appeared for AISSE. In the year 2008, the school got the status of “ Minority Educational Institution” from the Government of India. In 2011 the school has upgraded as a Senior Secondary School. 13 and the result was very colourful. At present more than 900 students are studying in the School.


Our vision springs out of the heart of Muslim Education Society’s (MES’s) objectives to develop the individual who will develop the community which leads to Nation Building. We therefore want to stress on the all round development of the children to know when they grow towards excellence in education. Bringing out the natural dedication and service mindedness inherent in the children so that each one of them realizes their potential to move towards a collective activity which is at once independent and interdependent . We want the education that brings harmony where the heart , head and hands are given equal importance coupled with the best of technology and classic infrastructure. Right thoughts , words and deeds lead them on the Right Path. The essence of our vision is to manifest the perfection already in the children.


Our Mission is to realize our vision by selecting quality teachers who will devote their precious time and energy to nurture our children so that they become wise and practical citizens of tomorrow. We are working hard to include all the modern infrastructure and technology with the inborn passion of those involved in this mission in order to empower both the teachers and the taught. We have embarked on quality enhancing measures to improve on what we have at present to go ahead and realize our dream by contributing to build our Nation by developing individuals. We are pursuing our goal collectively with faith determination and diligence.
  • Indoor Auditorium
  • Transportation
  • Well Equipped Laboratory
  • Smart Classroom
  • Smart classes
  • Prayer Hall

26th Annual day Celebration on 20th January 2018 Saturday

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MES Central School Tanur is a co educational institute which has established by The..... Read More